Letter from the Editor

Do you have a second?

We currently believe ourselves to be "door holders" and not "gate keepers"

The natural state of this world is gate keeper. Nothing is free and everything requires effort. "If a man or woman doesn't work then the man or woman shall not eat"  this is clearly stated in the Holy Bible.  Some examples of gatekeepers are education, certification, equipment, time and materials.  We here at seek to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to go.  The road of life is long but you don't have to go it alone, we would like to hold the door for you.  

We understand that paranoia robs you of Joy from celebratory moments.  It has a way of creeping into our lives and businesses when we are pushing hard and I understand that.  We believe that champions have three traits that we would like to cultivate inside of ourselves.

  • Courage- inner strength to choose or ignorance to move into the unknown.  The ability to suppress/compartmentalize ones anxiety to be able to function in and around complex environments.
  • Speed

  1. Mental speed able to process lots of information quickly.  
  2. Physical speed in movement and skill.
  3. Equipment speed in material deposition and removal.

  • Stamina- Mental, Physical and Moral ability to finish what one started.

If you think that we embarked on our own journey for the sake of money then you would be wrong.  We have blazed this path seeking respect.  Your financial contribution rewarding our efforts is truly the finest form of flattery.  Some of our operators may require money up front sight unseen.  We hope you can see the vastness of humanity and the difficult challenges that these independent contractors face day in and day out.  Most operate 24 7 365 days a years because hard times don't take a vacation and there are so many people in this world that need our help regularly.  We do understand the difficulties of equipment failures during adverse weather conditions and the stress you are in right this very moment, but You can over come because We have been there and We are here to help you right where you are.  

We are mobile welders and We are Your Welder, We come to you.



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